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Guided tours of Marbella’s Natural and Cultural Heritage


The day dawned sunny, with a gentle breeze – ideal for a walk of about 5km along the coastline, surrounded by the dunes.

  • Guided tours of the “Artola Natural Monument” area, from the Torre de los Ladrones to the Lanza de las Cañas Tower. Visit to the Lanza de las Cañas Tower itself – difficulty – LOW
  • Walks through the Ecological Reserve – 5km to 10km – from El Pinillo to the Lanza de las Cañas Tower – difficulty – LOW
  • Upkeep of the Natural Heritage – Clean up days in the dune areas – a joint effort
  • Taking care of the native flora in all rehabilitated dune areas
  • Grubbing up of the invasive alien species days; clean up and/or reforestation in the dunes

6h October, 2018


We broke a record today:
41 NATURE LOVERS got together to pick up all the garbage that others, with no consideration
for others, had dumped –
We collected 250 kg of rubbish!

A thousand thanks for your selfless work!

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13th May 2018


The day dawned sunny, with a gentle breeze – ideal for a walk of about 5km along the coastline, surrounded by the dunes.

We will always remember the beautiful images of the dune spring flora and the exquisite perfume of bitter chamomile (Helichrysum stoechas), rosemary and thyme. These sharpened our sense of smell.

We hope we have been able to draw attention to – even in a small way – the special dune landscape, to the flora and fauna that is native to Marbella’s natural heritage. We believe it gives us a reason to be proud.

The participants also timed their pace perfectly to that of the slower walkers –
Thank you to everyone in the group for the enjoyable company!

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7th april 2018

Clean Up Day in the Dunes of the Artola Natural Monument

The day dawned grey, drizzling and unpleasantly cold. The forecast did not bode well – but there were the selfless volunteers, on the dot, defying the miserable weather!

We want to express our warmest thanks to all those who took part – they deserve a medal. In just about an hour they had collected more than 300 kg of “interesting” garbage. We wonder if the day will ever come when we won’t have to have garbage collection days. That will be when everyone who enjoys walking through this dune environment will truly appreciate the beautiful site, and will not leave paper, plastic, tin cans or anything else.

Artola is unique in the Province of Malaga.

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17th JUNE, 2017

We are joining up with SEO/Birdlife to organise a clean-up day to get rid of the rubbish other people have dumped in the El Barronal de la Morena, in Las Chapas-Elviria dune areas.

This dune environment is one of the most beautiful which remains along the coast to the east of Marbella. It still has a lot of native vegetation and therefore deserves to be pampered for a few hours.

This dune area is sponsored by the Alborán-School

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30th april 2017

First guided “Walk in the dunes” – Between El Pinillo and Real de Zaragoza

We want to highlight the richness of the flora in the different dune systems on the Marbella coast. We walked along the boardwalks, hugging the coast and strolling through the dunes of the Ecological Reserve. A new and interesting experience. We had a gorgeous day, a really pleasant temperature and we were accompanied by a fantastic group of friends, all “nature lovers”. We all enjoyed the natural environment along the dune coast. We were able to get to know the unique dune vegetation which is so often unknown to the general public. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST. We hope to have you back on the dunes again soon.

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Marbella RTV (08-11-2016) – Produnas cleaning up day

12th November 2016

In solidarity with the dunes of Artola – Join us for a cleaning up day

Thank you to everyone who took part and helped remove the rubbish from the Artola dunes.

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20th March, 2016

Visit to the Natural Monument “Dunas de Artola”, Cabopino (Ladrones Tower).

Guided tour along the Artola dune areaboardwalk and a visit to the “Lance de las Cañas” Tower.
95 citizens have joined the tour.

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