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4th Pillar – Sponsoring to enhance our natural heritage


Donations for:

– Wooden handrails
– Wooden Stakes and sisal rope
– Wooden benches (seating)

We offer:

– Sponsorhip’s Logo included on our website and link to its web


Erika und Sarah Amrein (Switzerland)
Dra. Anita Knirsch (Austria)
Angel Mora Cañizares (Las Chapas, Elviria)
C.P. El Arenal (El Arenal, Elviria)
Villas El Arenal (El Arenal, Elviria)
Rainer und Kirsten Wrage (Germany)
Hans-Christian Dethleffsen (Holland)
C.P. Marbella Park Beach (Elviria)
Guy Mc Crow – Restaurante Beach House (Elviria)
Patrick Saillez – La Adelfa (Bahía de Marbella)
Restaurante de Playa Perla Blanca, (Elviria)
Frans Cesar, El Arenal, (Elviria)

APRIL 2021

Once more we want to emphasize that a joint effort by both members of the public and ProDunas is essential to conserve the different dune ecosystems in the Municipality of Marbella.

We always focus on the future and have already done a lot of work in the rehabilitation of the various dune environments. So that this could come about we were able to count on the invaluable Sponsorship from the Trocadero Group. They provided us with 80 wooden stakes and 200m of sisal rope – and thanks to this sponsorship we were able to enlist workers from the Environment Delegation who dug the holes and positioned the stakes in the shortest possible time. ProDunas then linked up the stakes with the vegetal rope, thus clearly marking out the protected dune area.

Our thanks go to the Trocadero Group as well as to the Marbella Town Hall workers.


Splendid Sponsorship by the Trocadero Group. The ProDunas team greatly appreciates this gift. The vests are really necessary both to protect our own clothes and to identify us to the general public.

We will take great care of them for many years to come. Thank you very much!


To add to the enjoyment of the dunes by providing nature lovers with a quiet place to contemplate the maritime-dune landscape and to acknowledge ProDunas’ work over the years, the BENAHAVIS ROTARY CLUB has funded the placement of a wooden seat on the ADELFA dune in Bahía de Marbella.

The seat will have a plaque attached to it acknowledging their generous gift to the people of Marbella.

It will leave their mark for many years to come on the La Adelfa dune in Bahia de Marbella.

On behalf of ProDunmas and of everyone who will use this seat in the future, we offer our appreciation for the kind gesture of the Benahavis Rotary Club. Thank you!

Diputación Provincial de Málaga

The Provincial Council of Malaga is investing a lot of time, money and hard work to save 40 native shrubs from destruction. These were planted 12 years ago in the Easement where the boardwalk will now run. They have been transplanted to a new dune area and will be carefully looked after until they root again.

The program to extend the coastal walkway east of Marbella – specifically in La Adelfa and Bahia de Marbella – is gaining strength as we come to the end of 2017.

To keep this dune environment in optimum condition and to respect the criteria of the legal framework of the Ecological Reserve-Dunas de Marbella, the Provincial Council of Malaga has put 400 wooden stakes interconnected by sisal rope in place between the beach and the dune. This should encourage members of the public to look after the dune and not use it as a slide or sunbathe up on the dune ridge.

We appreciate the efforts of the Provincial Council of Malaga – one more step has been taken towards the maintenance of the dunes and the extension of the coastal walkway.

Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Costa del Sol Occidental

C/ Bonanza, s/n (Urb. Playas del Arenal), 29604 Marbella, Málaga

The Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol (the Mancomunidad) aims to combine the efforts and economic possibilities of the Municipalities to create and support services that are of interest to all of them. Special attention is paid to services contained in the Statutes of the Commonwealth: Technical Office, water, machinery, environment, tourism and beaches.


1st stretch, Las Chapas – Elviria

The Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol (La Mancomunidad) has worked with us on the following project:Sponsorship of hand-prepared logs and wooden stakes for railings. The railing is bordering the first section of the dune “LasGolondrinas” and is intended to prevent cars trespassing on the dune area and to ensure pedestrian safety since the dunes in this area are 5m (15 feet) above sea level.

Apprentices from the Employment Workshop- Woodworking – from Marbella Town Hall made and installed the hand-railing.

We wish to thank them for their work and the Commonwealth (Mancomunidad) for its sponsorship.

Restaurante Perla Blanca

C/ Agata, s/n – Playa Urb. White Pearl Beach, Elviria,  Marbella, Málaga · +34 952 835 914

Beside “La Víbora” Dune, Elviria

The Chiringuito Perla Blanca has realised theimportance of preserving  its natural environment. It is therefore working with our Association to protect Marbella’s dunes.

The Chiringuito is in a unique setting, in among natural dunes of fine sand with native flora andfauna all around. It is located on one of the Marbella’s finest beaches on the East-side. It offers a rich and varied Mediterranean cuisine and specializes in rice dishes and seafood.

Restaurante El Laurel

Urb. Jardines de las Golondrinas, s/n, Elviria,  Marbella, Málaga · +34 952 834 934

Beside the “Víbora” Dune in Elviria

The “El Laurel” restaurant is committed to its surrounding environment and is working closely with the Association to protect the“Víbora” dune area. You can find it on the beautiful La Romana beach in Elviria, east of Marbella.

Its privileged location between two dunes, “La Víbora” and “Las Golondrinas” gives it even more importance in the Natural Heritage Site. Its offers a Mediterranean menu, concentrating on fresh products and the best fish in the market.

Sabinar Eventidea

C/ Hilera, 5 – 3ª planta, 29007, Málaga · +34 952 233 986 – +34 667 536 791

A little bit of dune in Elviria

Deeply committed to nature, SABINAREVENTIDEA is going to work with our associationto protect the dunes. They are going to sponsor a small dune in the area known as Playa de lasCañas, in Elviria.

SABINAR EVENTIDEA is a company which organises events here on the Costa del Sol. Their search for excellence and unique venues brought them to us.

Gastro-Snacks & Cocktails Sylt

Urb. Lunamar, s/n, Elviria, Málaga · +34 951 170 979

The Sylt” is hidden among the “Real de Zaragoza” dunes in Las Chapas-Elviria

It is a Gastro-Snack + Cocktails restaurant presenting a new and unique concept. The setting is in harmony with and respectful of the fragile environment of the sand dunes.

The owners are aware of the fragility of thedunes and they are working closely with theAssociation so that here in the dunes, in thisunique environment, everyone can feel in touch with nature.

It is located to the east of Marbella, on a long white sandy beach, which tempts one to enjoy long hours in a sun/beach environment but at the same time be surrounded byexquisite native flora.

Restaurante El Arenal

El Rosario – El Arenal, 29604 Marbella, Málaga · +34 951 507 426 – 10% de descuento a socios de ProDunas

Surrounded by the beautiful El Arenal dunein El Rosario-El Arenal

there is El Arenal Beach Restaurant.

It is set among authentic dunes and is one of the most beautiful places on the coast. The chiringuito team works with our Association to maintain and protect this dune environment.

The staff’s warm welcome encourages you to relax and enjoy homemade Mediterranean cuisine in this beautiful setting, surrounded by nature.

Restaurante The Beach House

Marbella, Málaga · +34 952 839 458

In the Heart of the “La Víbora 2” Dune, Las Chapas-Elviria

The Playa Beach House Restaurant is privileged to be located between a beautiful dune “La Víbora-2” and the La Víbora stream.

The owners, who are fully aware of the responsibility of working with us to rehabilitate and conserve the dune environment, have joined in the initiative launched by the Association to protect the dune by installing wooden stakes interconnected by sisal rope.

The Restaurant offers a wide range of seasonal and inspiring Mediterranean dishes, and caters for all tastes.

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Asociación ProDunas Marbella

The Association works tirelessly for the defence and preservation of the unique ecosystems that survive in the natural sand dune environments in the Province of Málaga; promotes the protection of native flora and small wildlife; promotes recovery, rehabilitation and conservation of interesting biodiversity of sand dunes areas in the municipality of Marbella.