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May 2021 – Project – Perimeter protection of the Lance de las Cañas Tower

We have presented a proposal to Marbella Town Hall and to its Delegations for Culture and the Environment that would help in the protection and maintenance of our Historical-Cultural Heritage. We believe therefore that it is essential that the legal perimeter of the esplanade surrounding the Monument should be completely fenced in so that its natural architectural beauty may be highlighted. This emblematic site must not be taken over by motorhomes, cars and / or vans or be used as a garbage dump for marine debris or waste.

For this reason we have presented them with a dossier that proposes:

  • fencing of the legal perimeter to keep it free of motor vehicles;
  • getting rid of invasive species such as false Mimosas (Acacia) so that they do not flourish and smother the Stone Pines growing there already;
  • the installation of a Tourist Office on the ground floor of the building to serve as an information point for national and international tourists;
  • to offer guided visits to the roof of the Watchtower which was built in the second half of the 18th century during the reign of Carlos III (1759-1788).

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