The day dawned sunny, with a gentle breeze – ideal for a walk of about 5km along the coastline, surrounded by the dunes.

  • Guided tours of the “Artola Natural Monument” area, from the Torre de los Ladrones to the Lance de las Cañas Tower.

    Visit to the Lanza de las Cañas Tower itself – difficulty – LOW

  • Walks through the Ecological Reserve – 5km to 13km – from the Tower Ladrones (M.N.Artola) to the El Pinillo (Torre Real)  – difficulty – MEDIUM
  • Upkeep of the Natural Heritage – Clean up days in the dune areas – a joint effort
  • Taking care of the native flora in all rehabilitated dune areas
  • Grubbing up of the invasive alien species days; clean up and/or reforestation in the dunes
  • Events of sub aqua diving and cleaning of the seabed as also of the beach
Natural Monument “Dunes of Artola”, Cabopino
Ecologic Reserve-Dunes of Marbella

• We value highly and wish to spread the word about the biodiversity of the Natural Heritage of Andalucía
• We support the natural values of our dune surroundings
• We encourage citizen participation in environmental issues
• We provide an alternative to the “sun and beach” tourism
• We encourage the active participation and involvement of companies, Community of owners, associations, volunteers, etc.
• We listen to any proposals and initiatives regarding the dune system
• We support scientific study of the biodiversity in dune areas

Participation by members of the public is a very important link and consists of 2 pillars:

a) – Active participation in dune maintenance workshops aimed at: – Companies that, together with their employees, want to participate in environmental activities – National and international tourism, including eco-tourism – Schools – Family groups and members of the public in general – Census of the chameleons (Chamaeleo chamaeleon) in the Natural Monument “Dunas de Artola”.

b) – Donations by companies and/or individuals to help protect and improve the dunes.

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