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We have signed a Partnership Agreement with the “Values Association” in San Pedro Alcántara for the development of the volunteer workers in the “Leisure and Free Time” program

In our ProDunas Association we endorse social inclusion in all areas of our lives and undertakings. It is important to improve the quality of life and significantly influence the subsequent development of personal and social success. That is why we launched a dune conservation project a few months ago together with Fundatul and Asociación Valores. The work we do aims to ensure that people with disabilities have a full social life, and that they learn skills which will be valuable to them in all aspects of their lives. We use our dune environment program on the coast of Marbella to impart these skills.

In this program, dune conservation tasks are combined with the management of the specialised tools and the identification and manual eradication of invasive species such as False Mimosa, the Castor oil plant, Giant Reeds, Highway Ice plant, etc. An additional specialised task is the harvesting of seeds and berries from shrub vegetation when these are their ripest so that they can be processed and prepared for subsequent reseeding of degraded dune environments.

With this project, the ProDunas Marbella Association, Fundatul and the Values Association strive for the future employability of people with intellectual or other disabilities, helping them develop a series of skills that assist in the growth of knowledge, the sensitising of the senses of smell, sight and hearing which add to the enjoyment of the natural environment. Their personal development and a higher quality of life are sure to follow.


The ProDunas Marbella family is expanding. This is really good news.
We have begun to lay the foundations for working in the future with the Fundatul Foundation, a tutorial Foundation with personnel assistance in San Pedro Alcántara.  We have joined forces to develop training schemes for people with functional diversity. This program will take place in the dune areas in the municipality of Marbella.

ProDunas will be the leader in all things relating to good dune conservation, given our knowledge of wild and native vegetation. This will help to get them started in this area of work. In addition, special groups will work together on one of our latest projects to be launched shortly: the harvesting of seeds and fruits of our native species, and their subsequent reintroduction into the dune ecosystems.

We are very excited about this new grouping and are sure that it will be of immense benefit to both Associations.


Nature, once again, has made us see the importance of what working together can mean both for nature and for the sector of the population who need a helping hand to open doors for them. Their daily and social lives and ability to integrate into the labour force will be enhanced.

Counting on the natural values of Andalusia, by means of lessons held in the dunes, we will have practical integration in how the management of various sectors works. The conservation of the existing biodiversity on the Costa del Sol will benefit enormously.

We are honoured to be another connection in the lives of these special people and that we can contribute to their socio-labour development and help prepare them for future integration into the workforce. The interaction between both Associations will be enriching for both, since we will learn from each other and from each of the members.

In the dunes, nature will benefit from the treatment it is about to get as the harmful shoots and re-growth of invasive species are removed. These always grow faster than the native Mediterranean vegetation.

Apart from the manual work of the conservation of the dune vegetation, all the participating groups of Fundatul will begin to collect seeds and fruits of the native plants and shrubs. After these are processed in Córdoba, these same volunteer groups will use them to reseed other dunes in the area where the environment really needs restoration. This will promote an increase of biodiversity in the Ecological Reserve-Dunas de Marbella and in the Natural Monument “Dunas de Artola” in Cabopino.

We are convinced that even in a society as materialistic as ours this project organised by our two Associations will inform and sensitise us all to the difficulties people with different capacities face.

We can all take part in spreading new plant life wherever we work. The future is ours.

We are looking for participation from the population at large to cooperate in this interesting work to promote change, both social and in the natural world.


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