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June 2022

Marbella, the first town in Spain to achieve the S certification for Sustainability –> Link

The Institute for Quality in Spanish Tourism has included the S for Sustainability as a goal to be aimed for in the putting Sustainable Development in tourist destinations into practice. Our town, Marbella, has been the first to get this certification.


Part of the success of achieving this distinction has been, as the General Director for the Environment, Beaches and Ports emphasised, the constant effort by ProDunas Marbella, over a period of more than 18 years, in the eradication of invasive exotic species (IES). In 2021 alone, and despite all the restrictions still in force, we carried out more than 60 events, with 2,340 participants who between them eradicated more than 35,730 kg of invasive exotic species, both in the “Dunas de Artola” Natural Monument and in the Ecological Reserve-“Dunas de Marbella”. These are striking figures that must have impressed the jury and everyone else, too.


The S certification for Sustainability is now added to the Q hallmarks for Quality Tourism and Safe Tourism, hallmarks that guarantee that Marbella continues to be one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

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