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Strategies - Climate Change


29th January, 2020

ProDunas, as an interested player, was invited to present our criteria in finding strategies and solutions to mitigate the loss of the coastline. This we did at a meeting with the General Directorate for Structural Reforms (DG.REFORM) of the European Commission (EC) at the request of MITECO (Ministry for the Ecological Transition) and DGSCM (General Directorate for Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea) – the official Spanish organisations working with the European Commission.

The purpose of these consultations is to define strategies for Coastal Protection in the provinces of Cádiz – Málaga (Marbella) – Almería, taking into account the effects of climate change. Throughout this process we have been in contact with the European Union Commissioner tasked with protecting our coasts.
We have always had encouraging promises and now these are turning into concrete acts.

Once there is a recopilation of all the information of criteria, a second phase will be starting searching for strategies and physical measures to counteract the rapid erosion of the coast and to help with the stabilisation of the beaches. Artificial reefs are an essential part of this work as these would help dissipate the negative energy from waves produced as a result of the terrible spring storms that annually hit the Costa del Sol and that the dunes in Marbella can continue to act as a bulwark, a “containment dam” for the adjacent urbanizations.

ProDunas will continue to fight for the survival of the Marbella coastline. Our motto, designed to raise awareness is: Without dunes there are no beaches!

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