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TODAY we are sending out an SOS concerning the Exotic Animals Recovery Centre and Zoo in Castellar de la Frontera.

This zoo is located just 70 km west of Marbella. The lockdown because of Covid-19 which has kept all potential visitors away has really hurt the zoo financially.

This zoo was set up as a Rescue Centre by private initiative to provide shelter and survival for exotic animals confiscated by the authorities because of irregularities in their import licenses. These animals are the direct and innocent victims of a black market, which unfortunately is a flourishing business.

During the lockdown we have all shown our support for those who need our help. Let’s lend a hand to this zoo in Castellar de la Frontera, and help out with some money, no matter how little, until it can be reopened for visitors.

Here is the Centre’s link: >

The animals will appreciate any help you can give. It will guarantee their survival.
Many thanks


To everyone who, day by day, watches over our health, often putting their own on the line:

Many thanks

2020 has proven to us that superheroes do not always wear capes. They are ordinary people with ordinary jobs, people like you and me, but who in emergencies change utterly, leaving aside their own fears and needs.

From ProDunas we want to thank you for all the work you are doing to take care of us in the most generous and closest of ways. Your essential professionalism shows in the personal support you give to those affected by this disease and those in lockdown. This situation should teach us all to appreciate what we have.

ProDunas wants to send everyone who is affected by the virus a very warm message of encouragement. You are very courageous and strong. It won’t be long until all this is a thing of the past and it will be nothing more than a science fiction story we can tell our grandchildren. We will get through this together. You are not alone; we think of you all the time and we support you in your fight even if it has to be from a distance. We can best help you by staying at home. That way you will get better and faster.

And for everyone in lockdown, we want to cheer you up and try to brighten your days. We can’t go to see you but we have thought of different things the whole family can do together. You can find these suggestions on our website.

The thousands of doctors, health care personnel, volunteers, as well as the UME and the Security Forces are right now in the front line, but when the worst has passed and the lockdown is over, we ordinary people will be the reinforcements that will, little by little, get the country back to normal. It is up to us to stay in shape (mentally, psychologically and physically) so that we can live up to the standard these superheroes have shown us.

Keep smiling! Remember – we’re all in this together.

With our appreciation and gratitude,
The ProDunas team



ProDunas wants to feel useful these days, so we has set out to design a page on our website with suggestions to liven up the day to day grind during these weeks of lockdown.

We will publish suggestions for people of all ages: reading material, films and drawings, so that the especially the smallest ones in the house can, for example, spend some time colouring in the drawings. We are thinking of all the children who are stuck at home. This way they can learn something about the Marbella dunes.

If you would like to take part, please colour the drawings in this page and send them back by email to: Please indicate the name and age of the child, and the school s/he goes to. When our lives get back to normal, we will publish the drawings on this same page – we will consult with the Teachers and put together an evaluation Jury with those who would like to help. We look forward to receiving your drawings and we hope you like this idea.

If there is another category you would like us to include, please send us an email with your suggestion:  – we will try to include it the following weeks.

Pictures to colour


Museum visits without leaving home



On the website of the Museo Picasso Málaga (MPM) there are notebooks telling you about his collection, about several of his exhibitions and other creative activities for families. (We will link to the museum.

Even though the contents are adapted to the situation we find ourselves in, they are based on the real educational methodology that the museum uses all the time: observation (stimulating visual perception), thinking about what you are looking at (developing critical thinking), and creating (giving original solutions to the challenge presented).



The Jorge Rando Museum (link to the website) lets you download directly the various teaching materials which are, where appropriate, arranged in accordance with the Primary Education cycles. There are educational guidelines that develop various themes, all linked to expressionist aesthetics and the work of this artist from Málaga.



On the website of the Malaga Contemporary Art Centre (CAC Malaga) there is a section dedicated to its teaching aspect. In the area called ‘Colour’, you will find various outlines of works of art that have been on exhibition in the centre so that everyone, especially children can enjoy colouring them in.


Homemade ice cream the family can make together


  • Fresh cream, 400 ml
  • Honey, 100 ml
  • Biscuits, (María) 10

This is really easy! Whip the cream with an electric hand-held mixer until it is stiff, slowly adding the honey. Finally, pour the mixture over the broken up biscuits and mix well. Freeze for at least 6 hours and you’re done!


  • Fresh cream, 400 ml
  • Condensed milk, 400 g
  • Cocoa cream, 150 g

Whip the cream until it is stiff. In another bowl, mix the condensed milk with cocoa cream. Add this mixture to the whipped cream, stirring all the time. Then cover the bowl and freeze the mixture for 6 hours before serving.

Kiwi and Banana Ice Cream – Light

  • Kiwis, 2 (200 g)
  • Banana, 1 (100 g)
  • Fresh natural smoothie cheese, 300 g (Queso de Burgos)
  • Sugar, 40 g approx.

Peel the kiwis and the banana and cut them into pieces. They do not need to be very small pieces because we are going to whizz them. Put the fruit, the fresh cream cheese and sugar in the blender and whizz them until they are creamy. Depending on how sweet you like your ice cream you can add more sugar. Pour the mixture into a mould and put it the freezer in an airtight container. It will be frozen in about 6 hours.

Outdoor games for children


There are several ways to draw hopscotch on the ground. However, the most common is to draw it with chalk in the shape of squares, like in the photo (here is a photo so that the text is not so long).

Throw a small stone into the square. You have to hop from square to square, on one leg, to where the stone fell, and then hop back to the starting line. Only in the double boxes can both feet be on the ground. Do this for all the numbers, one to ten. The objective is to get the stone into each of the squares.


This is a fun and refreshing choice for hot days! Fill balloons with water (not too full!) and then try to balance them on kitchen ladles. Agree on the distance they have to be carried. Then see who gets to the finish line first! Getting to the finish line before the balloon falls off the ladle is not as easy as it sounds.


The mechanics could not be easier; the person with the most points in a total of ten shoots will win. To play this game outdoors you need some plastic plates. Paint the score on each one (from 10 to 50 points) and use cloth bags with a weight inside to “shoot” down the plates. Even chickpeas or beans can be used as weights. Throw the plates in the air and knock them down with the bean bags.


Sudoku for seniors

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