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An Ecological Reserve to discover and protect since 2004.


Andalucía still boats an exceptional natural Heritage and it is our responsibility to pass on these values and the need to preserve them for future generations. Alongside the formal environmental education taught in schools and other official circles, it is necessary to expose and acknowledge the reality of personal commitments, and constant hard work, of which our Association is a commendable example.The frequent collaboration and close ongoing dialogue between the Asociación Pro Dunas and the Town Hall of Marbella, the State Administration (via the Coastal Demarcations Authority for Andalucia-Mediterranean),the junta de Andalucia (Regional Government) (via the regional ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment) is a notorious example of good practice of modern Comprehensive Management Policies of Coastal Areas, that are being promoted by the European Union, and the Regional Government is striving to implement.

The Association is working tirelessly and unselfishly from the start on various fronts. The Association is based on effort and hard work and this has been maintained tenaciously since the beginning. Our seven core development areas are:

  • We work for the conserevation of native flora in all sand dune areas that have been rehabilitated.

  • We organize days for grubbing out invasive alien species, for cleaning up and/or for reforestation in the dunes.

  • We encourage and support environmental education through programs of “Dune Sponsorship by schoolchildren”.

  • We promote initiatives for our volunteers and for participation by members of the public.

  • We organize ecotourism days to draw attention to the enormous biodiversity that can be found in the dunes between Rio Real and Cabopino.

  • We look after and develop contacts with the official organisms, both technical and political which have this area of the Andalusian coast under their area of responsibility and competence.

  • We produce annual statistics to attest to the work that has been done.

  • We actively encourage the media to publish information about the need to preserve the ecosystems in the dune and marine environments.

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