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19th January 2021 – DUNE AREA LA VÍBORA-Laurel, Elviria
Harvesting of the fruits of the large-fruited Juniper (Juniperus macrocarpa)
Re-introduction of the Sea Daffodil (Pancratium maritimum)
Dune conservation

The collection of seeds and fruits as also dune conservation work continues
During the coming months between January and May, every week we will be in a different dune environment, collecting seeds or fruits of native flora that will be sent to Cantueso Natural Seeds in Córdoba. This company will give the seeds the appropriate conditioning treatment.

Over the next weeks we will disseminate these seeds or fruits again in dune areas that are still degraded. This is how, we will contribute and reinstate a new and interesting biodiversity.

Co-workers of Fundatul and volunteers will also learn how to carry out good dune conservation, manually removing different kind of invasive alien species so that these do not flourish and displace the native dune vegetation.

Date: Tuesday, 19th January 2021
Time: From 10:00 to 13:00
Where:  Dune area La Víbora-Laurel, Elviria

Meeting point: At the parking of the Beach-Restaurant El Laurel (click on the photo to get to Google Maps)

To register as a volunteer: Please send an email to / or send a WhatsApp to: 661 026 444

– Harvesting of the fruits of the large-fruited Juniper (Juniperus macrocarpa)

– Reintroduction of the seeds of the Sea Daffodil (Pancratium maritimum)

– Short break

Dune conservation

– Wear comfortable clothing

– Laced/Velcro footwear > trainers  or walking shoes

– We recommend taking head covering with you – it could get sunny

– Take a small bottle of drinking water and a snack with you


The Delegation for the Environment will supply: buckets, tools and bags for the disposal of any IAS we dig out

Closure the activity
13 hours
Volunteers are very welcome

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Asociación ProDunas Marbella

La Asociación trabaja incesantemente en defensa y preservación de los singulares ecosistemas aún existentes en los entornos naturales con dunas en la Provincia de Málaga; impulsa la protección de su flora autóctona y pequeña fauna silvestre; fomenta la recuperación, rehabilitación y conservación de la interesante biodiversidad en las zonas dunares del municipio de Marbella.