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Videos 2021


3rd November 2021 – RTV Marbella interviews ProDunas Marbella – Garbage pickup and removal of fallen pine cones in the Natural Monument Artola

29th July, 2021 – RTV television Marbella interviews ProDunas Marbella: Release of Sea turtles / Algues / Posidonia Project

25th February 2021 – Jesús Jaén from RTV Marbella interviews ProDunas for the event on Sunday, 28th February at the Natural Monument “Dunas de Artola” and launches, in principle: The Posidonia Oceanica Project in Artola, also promoted by ProDunas Marbella.

1. October 2021 – Vídeo RTV Marbella – Microclima _ Release of 39 sea turtles (Caretta caretta)

28th February 2021 – RTV Marbella interviews ProDunas – Event in Artola – BROADCASTING BIODIVERSITY

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Asociación ProDunas Marbella

The Association works tirelessly for the defence and preservation of the unique ecosystems that survive in the natural sand dune environments in the Province of Málaga; promotes the protection of native flora and small wildlife; promotes recovery, rehabilitation and conservation of interesting biodiversity of sand dunes areas in the municipality of Marbella.