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We are continuing to insist on having meetings with the various Public Administrations in an attempt to raise their awareness about the shattering negative effects caused by the various storms on the beaches and dunes to the
east of Marbella.

ProDunas argues that in-depth hydrodynamic studies of currents and tides should be carried out to stabilize the beaches and subsequently to execute the implementation
of “artificial reefs” on 3 areas on the
coastline which have dunes.

We affirm our belief that there has to be a symbiosis between sea and land which will help create new marine ecosystems.

It has been shown that marine habitats generate enormous wealth of marine flora and fauna and can at the same time help preserve the beaches and their dune systems.

There is currently great biological degradation, accompanied by poor regeneration capacity of the underwater biodiversity on the seabed. This is not compacted, which favours the onslaught of storms toward the coast and the dunes.

Creating “artificial reefs” encourages new marine ecosystems with lush submarine life and on the same time we attract a scuba diving tourism which is respectful with nature.

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Asociación ProDunas Marbella

The Association works tirelessly for the defence and preservation of the unique ecosystems that survive in the natural sand dune environments in the Province of Málaga; promotes the protection of native flora and small wildlife; promotes recovery, rehabilitation and conservation of interesting biodiversity of sand dunes areas in the municipality of Marbella.