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 2018 – 2019



We continue making the relevant efforts to recover more dunes. We appreciate these beautiful spaces and we include them
in Marbella’s Natural Heritage.

The lack of parking in the dune areas of Marbella becomes evident every year when summer comes round. The City Council wants to please everyone who comes to our beaches. However, sometimes these services to the general public conflict with the environmental interests of our Association.

It is up to everyone to look for ways to avoid any conflict between protecting nature and the needs of car owners. We believe this goal is being reached in the case at hand, since ProDunas has been able to reach an agreement with Marbella City Council so that pedestrians can also benefit from the unbeatable views to be seen from this environment.

The project foresees various measures:

  • Limiting the parking area by means of wooden railings.

    – Recovering and enhancing the dune area with pedestrian walkways and wooden benches as well as
    installing a children’s play area.

    – Reforesting the upper area with pine trees (Pinus pinea) and native shrubs.

    – Eradicating the invasive exotic species, such as the Giant Reeds (Arundo donax) which are currently encroaching on the future coastal walkway (6 m) and the Protected Right of Way.

    – Reforesting the incline with native plants such as marram grass (Ammophila arenaria) and rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) to help fix the dune and stop it collapsing on the future coastal walkway.

    A lookout to watch the migratory birds, which is something our Association is demanding since a long time.

We would like to underline that Marbella City Council is determined to make this project a reality
and ProDunas extends its thanks to them for this.




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