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2021 –  Project: Dune system Cabopino. Recovery, Rehabilitation and Reforestation + public parking – Save the first chain of embryonic dune on the beach

2021 – Proyecto Observatory to study bird and sea fauna in the Alboran Sea

2021 – Monitoring and Study of the seagrass meadows on the Marbella coast – their restauration and conservation  

2021 – Project: Recovery, Rehabilitation and Reforestation of the Torre Real dune (Río Real) 

2021 – Project: Recovery and Rehabilitation of the embryonic mobile dune “El Pinillo”

2021 –  Project – Perimeter protection of the Lance de las Cañas Tower 

2021 –  Collecting Seeds and Fruits of the Native dune flora in Marbella

2021 actualized – 2013 –  Dune sponsorship by schoolchildren. Environmental education programs on the Marbella Coast and Conservation of the Dune Ecosystems in the Ecological Reserve-Dunas de Marbella and in the Natural Monument “Dunas de Artola”

2021 – Dossier Dune Activities with enterprises

2021 – Dossier Dune activities with Schools

2021 actualized –2016 – Aula for Environmental Studies – Marbella Dunes Interpretation Centre  

2021 actualized – 2017 – Project: Introduction and protection of the Common Chameleon in the Natural Monument “Dunas de Artola”, Cabopino

2021 actualized2017 – Project: Investigation and installing multifunctional artificial reefs on the coast with dunes to the East of Marbella

2021 – Report: Annual Maintenance works – Ecological Reserve-Dunes of Marbella

2019 – 6 Proposals put to the Provincial Council of Málaga-Coastal boardwalk to the East of Marbella

2018Report: Annual environmental activites during year 2018

2018 –  Photographic testimony by rain of the shattered coast with dunes caused by rain storms and tides – October 2018

2018 – Dossier Annual dune maintenance – Eradication of EIE in the Ecological Reserve and the Natural Monument “Dunes of Artola”   

2018 – Evaluation of the damages caused by the storms East of Marbella

2018 – Edition – Visit guide -Ecological  Reserve -Dunes of Marbella

2017 – Dossier Annual dune maintenance – Eradication of invasive plants in the Ecological Reserve and the Natural Monument “Dunes of Artola”   

2017 Revista ph – Andalusian Institute for the Historic Heritage

2015 – Historic: Environmental education works and eradication of invasive plants

2015 – Proposal for several proceedings in dune areas

2015 – Dossier: Transplantation of indigenous shrubs

2014 – Dossier: Cooperation and Sponsorship. Pilot project: Recuperation, rehabilitation and conservation of the dune systems

2014 – Historic of eradications of invasive plants

2014 – Ecologial Reserve – Dunes of Marbella

2014 – Historic report: Reforestation in dune systems on the East of Marbella and Natural Monument Artola

2013 – Proposals: Boardwalk and wooden railings

2013 – Report: Strategic Plan Marbella 2022

2013 – Annex I – Small fauna in dune areas

2013 – Annex II – Future Projects – Recovery of natural surroundings

2013Annex III – Native flora and invasive species

2013 – Annex IV – Fringilida birds and its protection

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The Association works tirelessly for the defence and preservation of the unique ecosystems that survive in the natural sand dune environments in the Province of Málaga; promotes the protection of native flora and small wildlife; promotes recovery, rehabilitation and conservation of interesting biodiversity of sand dunes areas in the municipality of Marbella.