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26.01.2024 –We are really thrilled to share with you a new distinction for ProDunas Marbella!  

ProDunas Marbella has been awarded the “Social Responsibility Award” by Les Roches International School of Hotel Management. This award is a testimony to the commitment and active collaboration that we carry out in the protection of nature. From the youngest children to university students and citizens in general, we have been sowing the seeds of love for nature with the conviction that it is our legacy to future generations.

We feel especially grateful for the active participation of Les Roches Marbella students in our activities on the coastline of the Costa del Sol. Their commitment inspires us to keep on promoting the culture of teamwork and responsibility towards the biodiversity that we must protect.

This award strengthens our beliefs and gives us the energy necessary to continue raising awareness among new generations, involving them wherever they live and work, with the aim of contributing to the creation of a better world. They are the guarantors that the acknowledgement we receive today will develop fruitfully down the years.

This recognition fills us with satisfaction and encourages us to continue with our work.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to Les Roches Marbella.

2 November 2023 – Medal of Tribute and Collaboration – Civil Protection Marbella

We are excited to be able to share some great news with you!

 ProDunas Marbella has been awarded the Marbella Civil Protection Medals together with congratulations for our commitment to Volunteering and our constant dedication to the protection and conservation of our environment.  

This recognition is in response to the tireless work of our volunteers who, week after week, take part in our program of activities together with our Volunteer Group and the members of the public who wish to get involved. This means giving up their free time and putting in lots of hard work to help in the conservation of the dunes. Last summer it also meant standing guard at the sea turtle’s (Boba Boba) nest for 53 days and nights. 

This award encourages us to continue with our commitment. The recognition of the positive impact that together we are having on our natural environment fills us with pride. 

A big thank you to all the volunteers and to Marbella Civil Protection for this honour!


2nd October 2019 ProDunas is proud of the award presented to its President, Fernando Piquer Villarroel at the Adolfo Suárez Congress Centre in Marbella


On 2nd October the Adolfo Suárez Congress Centre hosted the second edition of the Gala that pays tribute to people who stand out for their work for and contribution to Marbella.

Fernando Piquer Villarroel, President of the ProDunas Association of Marbella since 2004, gave a brief summary of the 15 years he has spent working altruistically “in favour of the dunes” – hence the very pertinent name for the Association.

The Association ensures, as its legacy, the recovery, rehabilitation and protection of 9 dune environments to be the Natural Heritage – Dunes of Marbella. Its main objective has always been the creation of a program of active participation by members of the public, as well as making our young people aware of the dunes through the “Schoolchildren becoming Sponsors” program. The maxim to engage the schools and motivate the school children is: 1 seed = 1 native shrub.

Fernando has been the true pioneer and promoter of the difficult project to get the dune ecosystem recognised and declared officially as the “Ecological Reserve – Dunes of Marbella”. He achieved this in 2015. Members of the public now number more than 2,000 a year who come to work as volunteers in clean ups and garbage collection events, eradication of invasive alien species and / or reforestation to create green lungs along the Costa del Sol.

This recognition undoubtedly encourages Fernando to continue aiming very high in his long career serving as an inspiration to the rest of the friends, partners and supporters who continue to be captivated by his work.


The ProDunas Association of Marbella has been awarded the 2nd Edition of the “Marinero” Prize by the Marbella Marina.

This distinction is given “for work carried out in spreading and developing maritime activity and good environmental practices”.

This prize encourages us to continue with our commitment to preserve and conserve both the land and sea coastal ecosystems, and to work to keep our natural heritage safe for future generations.


The Provincial Council for the Environment and Biodiversity, an advisory body to the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning in Malaga, which aims at promoting the participation of organisations representing social interests in the fields of hunting, fishing, forestry, plant, wildlife and the environment, has appointed our Pro Dunas Association to be a member of the Board.

The appointment of our President, Fernando Piquer Villarroel, as Member of this Provincial Council for the Environment and Biodiversityin Málaga facilitates an effective and active defence of environmental issues pertaining to the Municipality of Marbella and above all helps to safeguard the interests of the dune systems of the Province of Malaga.

Participation in the Council represents additional work for us. However, we are confident that we can provide ample material and knowledge to complement the regulatory framework of this body which provides advice and takes an active part in the working of the Provincial Council.


Our Association Pro Dunas, in the modality of “Natural Values of Andalucia” has been awarded with the seventeenth edition of the environment prizes that the Andalusian Government awards annually.

The jury which awards the prizes have acknowledged the continuing efforts of our non–profit Association, appreciating the different annual performances, highlighted by the multiple projects and actions related to the preservation, protection and maintenance of the dune areas in the Municipality of Marbella since 2004.

The granting of this award is the culmination of many years of struggle and unconditional labour and it represents the public acknowledgement to a team of volunteers who spend many hours of their time selflessly, because they believe in projects that impact on the common good of all citizens. With their solidary cooperation they are effectively part of the Association’s initiatives.

We strongly believe that the environmental initiatives can promote the transformation of society through awareness workshops and outreach, as well as a respectful behavour and protection of nature, with the help of the younger generation in participatory programmes.



To the ProDunas ASOCIACIATION for the help, the altruistic work and the active contribution they gave when cetaceans and sea turtles were beached on the coast of Andalusia.

By means of this commemorative plaque, the contribution of the team’s continuous efforts are rewarded and their actions in leading to the recovery of, or primary assistance to live or dead animals are recognized, as well as the reliable collection of statistical data on the registry and biometrics on the health of the dolphins and sea turtles beached during these years, and the help provided in carrying out the necessary autopsies in an attempt to identify the possible causes of the beachings.

Special mention should be made of the great ethical and professional concern shown by the team that works with us, and also attention must be paid to the members of the public who are often present at the moment the animals need help. They try to calm things down, to inform people about what is happening and in general underline the sensitivity, the environmental problematics of marine wild life. By means of this information and the raising of social awareness of members of the public, favourable participation and commitment may be enhanced should future beachings occur.


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La Asociación trabaja incesantemente en defensa y preservación de los singulares ecosistemas aún existentes en los entornos naturales con dunas en la Provincia de Málaga; impulsa la protección de su flora autóctona y pequeña fauna silvestre; fomenta la recuperación, rehabilitación y conservación de la interesante biodiversidad en las zonas dunares del municipio de Marbella. 

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