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JULY 2013


As every year, the measures taken by the Regional Government of Andalucia are aimed at reducing the risk of forest fires. Thus, from the

                                   1st of June to the 15th of October 2013

it is strictly prohibited to light barbecues, agricultural burnings, and driving motor vehicles through natural areas and the range of dune areas in the province of Málaga, to reduce the risk of fires.

These same guidelines are primarily applicable in all dune areas of the Municipality of Marbella, such as:

Dunes “Palm Beach” – Río Real/Reserva de los Monteros
Dunes “La Adelfa” – Bahía de Marbella
Dunes “El Barronal de la Morena” – El Rosario
Dunes “La Víbora” – Elviria etc.

The Emergency and Security Services require us to follow the following rules to avoid any fire emergency arising from negligence:

– To throw away lighted cigarette stubs
– To have barbeques
– To start any sort of bonfire: Only allowed at playa Alicate with Police permission
– To light any fireworks: Only with permission from the Police and under the super-
vision of the Fire Brigade of Marbella.

Any incident must be reported immediately to:

The local Police:                     092
-Emergency-Phone:                 112
-Association Pro Dunas:   609 600 706

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