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Dune Conservation and collecting seeds 2021

14th of December 2021 – El Arenal 

Dune conservation 

1st of December 2021

Introduction to Volunteering with the International Hotel Management School Les Roches Global Hospitality Education, Marbella

30th of november  2021 – LA VÍBORA OESTE

Dune conservation

29th October 2021 – Sport is not at odds with the environment
International soccer championship in Marbella

More than 60 young people arrived here from 4 different EU countries for a friendly tournament. It sounded like the Tower of Babel with so many different languages going at the same time!

One of the peculiarities of the program was that the young athletes had to work on an environmental activity which we, together with the Monitors from the Environment Delegation, were only too happy to provide.

Although they were tired, they did a dune conservation cleanup for a short time at the “Dunas de Artola” Natural Monument to comply with the Environment. Then as an additional reward for their hard work, off they set for the Lance de las Cañas Tower, where they were shown the views of the Alboran Sea from the roof.

A big thank you to all the participants, to their tutors and, as always, to the Monitors from the Delegation of the Environment. Another successful day in the dunes!

23rd of November 2021 – LA ADELFA

Dune conservation and Collection of fruits of Juniperus turbinata and  Retama blanca monosperma

16th of November 2021 – REAL DE ZARAGOZA

Dune Conservation

9th of November – LA ADELFA

Dune Conservation

26th of October – REAL DE ZARAGOZA

Dune conservation

5th of October 2021 – REAL DE ZARAGOZA

Dune conservation

28th of September 2021 – RÍO REAL

Dune Conservation

21st of september 2021 – EL BARRONAL DE LA MORENA
Dune Conservation 

29th of June2021 – LA ADELFA 
Dune Conservation

22th of June 2021 – Dune area TORRE REAL 
Dune conservation

15th of June 2021 – M.N. ARTOLA
Dune conservation

8th June 2021 –Dune area EL ARENAL
Dune Conservation 

1st of June 2021 – Dune Area M.N. “DUNAS DE ARTOLA”
Dune Conservation

25th Mayo 2021  – Dune Area El Alicate

Dune Conservation

18th of May 2021 – Dune Area La Víbora
Dune Conservation

11th May  2021 – Dune Area El Pinillo

Dune Conservation

4th of May  2021 – Dune Area El Pinillo

Dune Conservation

29th April , 2021

Volunteer Day at the La Víbora-Laurel dune in Las Chapas

Because of the rain we had had to cancel the dune conservation work scheduled, with the help of the Fundatul group for Tuesday, 27th April.

We met, unusually, on Thursday 29th April, with the group of volunteers on the La Víbora dune. The aim was to connect up the wooden stakes with sisal rope. This job was long overdue.

Since we were out in the dune, we cut down a false Mimosa (Acacia) we had seen growing quietly out of sight. But we had spotted it! Workers from the Environment Delegation helped with this task, since it needed a chainsaw to fell it. Our volunteers then helped to manually saw the branches into smaller and more manageable pieces for the Green dump.

Another day’s work well done thanks to our volunteers!

20th of April  2021 – Dune Area Torre Real 

Dune Conservation

13th of April 2021 – Dune Area Real de Zaragoza

Dune Conservation

6th of April  2021 – Dune Area El Alicate
Dune conservation

23th of March 2021 – Dune Area El Barronal de la Morena – Dune conservation

16 th of March 2021 – Dune Area El Barronal de la Morena – Dune conservation

9th of March 2021 – Dune Area MONUMENTO NATURAL “DUNAS DE ARTOLA”, Cabopino – Dune conservation 

3rd of March 2021 – Dune Area El Barronal de la Morena – Dune conservation

23rd February 2021 – Dune Area El Barronal de la Morena y El Arenal
Dune Conservation.

26th January  2021 – Dune Area La Adelfa
Dune conservation.

19th January  2021 – Dune Area La Víbora
Dune conservation.- 1.000 kg  Carpobrotus edulis

12th January 2021 – Dune Area El Alicate
Dune conservation.- 500 kg  Arundo donax

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