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Environmental education. Contributors




COLLABORATION for the upkeep of the dunes


Businesses - Hotels - Associations of Owners - Associations - Volunteers


Workshops: 1-Eradications of Invasive Plants 2-Transplanting of native shrubs 3-Helping to place wooden stakes and sisal ropes


Collaborating on Environmental Days means:

-Actions targeting employees and their families working in companies, Communities of Owners, Associations, Volunteers.

-Getting citizens enthusiastic about nature in the dunes
-Teaching people to value of our "Natural Heritage" on the Marbella coast.
-Promote the understanding of the "Natural Values" of the dunes.
-Learn to feel part of a beautiful and complex biodiversity close to work or home.
-Cleaning up and maintenance days in the dune areas.
-Eradication of invasive plants: Cat's Claw (Carpobrotus edulis) and others.
-Support for scientific, educational and social studies
-Further study of the native flora and small wildlife using wildlife observation techniques.





The Association Pro Dunas Marbella can boast of the collaboration with many schools, institutes, private companies, individuals and partners to help it carry out a huge maintenance program in the dune areas. This is primarily based on:


- Periodic eradication of invasive alien species (IAS)

- Replanting of native shrub flora

- Rubbish collecting in the dunes

We attach a list of active contributors to the Association


From here we send our thanks to them all.




300 schoolchildren from the 4th, 5th and 6th grades in the Primary School system have begun to familiarise themselves with the plant and cultural wealth in the "Dunas de Artola" Natural Monument area. For the first time they helped eradicate the African Daisy (Arcthoteca calendula) which is an invasive alien species spreading widely along the pedestrian walkways.

They followed the instructions of the Pro Dunas instructor to the letter and, working together they were able to locate the invasive plants. Then to prevent future reseeding along the dunes, they packed them up in plastic bags for their subsequent disposal.

A big thank you to everyone who took part!.
They truly are nature lovers.

21st April 2016 - Natural Monument "Dunes of Artola"
22nd April 2016 - Natural Monument "Dunes of Artola"
25th April 2016 - Natural Monument "Dunes of Artola"


18th June, 2014



 Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort in Elviria is very aware of its environment. For this reason a group of employees wanted to take part in an environment task. With a lot of enthusiasm and for the first time, they got up close and personal with nature in a dune.


The “El Arenal”, El Arenal-Costabella dune area was the best place to introduce them to the Natural Heritage of Marbella. In a short presentation we explained the problem caused by invasive plants and that Cat’s Claw (Carpobrotus edulis) is classified as an invasive

species and therefore must be eradicated so that the dune flora can develop.


For the participants it was a unique experience and for Pro Dunas it was a source of great satisfaction. The presentation of an Environmental Certificate, signed by the Environmental Councilor from Marbella Town Hall underlined the importance of this volunteer work.


We wish to thank all those who took part!


DAYS OF ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IN THE ERADICATION OF INVASIVE ALIEN SPECIES is a national and international online company which acts as a search engine for hotel reservations. It is one of the first companies to approach our Association to offer to work with us in environmental matters.
The first contact by a group of their employees which came specifically from Malaga to the Marbella dune area has been so positive that other groups from within the same company have been with us for several eradication of invasive alien species days.
Their dedication and awareness of the problem caused by the introduction of invasive plants in a fragile environment such as the dunes, was worth all the sweat and exhaustion they endured.

On the following dates different groups from this company worked with us to eradicate invasive alien species:


20th September 2014 – Dune area "El Barronal", El Rosario
25th October 2014 – Dune area "La Víbora", Las Chapas
8th November2014 – Dune area "La Víbora", Las Chapas
22nd November2014 – Dune area "El Arenal", El Arenal
7th November 2015 - Dune area "La Víbora", Las Chapas
28th January 2016 - Dune area "La Víbora", Las Chapas




A group of families together with their children (Juniors and Pre-Juniors) is working with Pro Dunas over a number of days on the Eradication of Highway Ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis) which is classified as an invasive alien species.

The young participants always have an enjoyable time learning from nature and by as we teach them about the flora and fauna of the dunes they begin to take part in this interesting façade of nature.

18th October 2014 - Dune area Real de Zaragoza
24th January 2015 - Dune area Real de Zaragoza
21st November 2015 - Dune area Real de Zaragoza
7th May 2016 - Dune area El Alicate




27 volunteers from Keller Williams Realty, Inc., partners in this, the world's largest real estate franchise judging by the number of agents it employs (110.000 world wide), dedicates its worldwide RED DAY (Renew, Energize and Donate) celebrated every year on May 14; to working with organizations and causes in their Community which they deem worthy of their support.


This year they chose to dedicate this day to working in the dunes, eradicating the invasive alien species Highway Ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis) and cleaning up the

beautiful "Barronal de la Morena" dune.


The philosophy of this company in the real estate field is agent-led active training in the development of knowledge and technology so they can be leaders in the ever changing real estate industry.


Pro Dunas would like to thank them for all their hard work. The habitat of the wild and unique flora and fauna on this coast will benefit immensely from it for years to come.


A big welcome to a new group of helpers who came from Malaga to contribute to the work of eradicating the invasive alien species, Highway Ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis).

Every year they have a great day, parents and children, working together to clear tracts of dunes areas.
Wooden stakes interconnected by sisal rope at the Triana beach attracts the attention of visitors and thus helps to protect native flora that will sprout once the invasive plants are grubbed out.

Our thanks go out to the entire group of participants!

14th March, 2015 - Dune area Triana, Elviria
10th October, 2015 - Dune area Real de Zaragoza
24th April, 2016 - Dune area Real de Zaragoza