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News 2009/08

December 2009 



according to the initial approval given by the local cabinet of the Town Hall of Marbella, of the 10th of November. The arguments of our Association will be submitted in a timely and adequate manner so that our demands are quite clear, and will not fall into oblivion, after having explained to all the Administrations involved our well grounded reasons to prevent the disappearance of this large dune - unique in shape and wealth of flora and fauna in the municipality of Marbella – appealing to the sensitivity and good will of our rulers through the submission of over 1,600 signatures of supporters and nature lovers.


Even though we are conscious that the Law is on the side of the company intending to develop this large dune, we strongly believe that there are sufficient means and legal measures to reach an agreement between the parties that will enable a consensus between nature and mortar.


We put all our trust in the well doing of the Administrations and their promises to guarantee the necessary steps to extend the dune preservation some 200 m to the north, and thus safeguard a dune that deserves to be protected and defended by all the citizens. We are convinced that the Town Hall is willing to contribute with green area to the dunes area, and the demarcations will be respected by the ‘Coastal Demarcation’ office thanks to our passionate defence; without our knowledge of the Coastal Law they would have been gobbled up and incorporated to the development project.


Our demands are firm and protective so that the flora and fauna wild life can thrive again in this beautiful sand dune environment. We therefore demand that the access to the beach is only for pedestrian use, with floating bridges made of wood, so it won’t prevent the growth of the scrub and respect the peculiar existing orography.  At the same time, it has been agreed that the whole dune will be fenced in with wooden stakes to ensure that no motor vehicle ever (or lorry or bulldozers) gains access to it. We are all called upon to preserve those last nature redoubts – we need the cooperation of everyone.


November 2009 





For the first time during the summer of 2009, the Association started an eco-tourism programme with foreign tourists through the dunes “La Adelfa”, pioneer and unique in the Municipality of Marbella, to arouse another kind of tourism of the “Costa del Sol”; to be based on the awareness and sensibility for a nature which is able to grow year for year, in despite of the great human pressure and constructions of the zone. These guided tours have been very well received and gained popularity.


This idea has given us good ground in widening the knowledges about the work and activities we carry out, to promote the protection and preservation of the indigenous fauna and flora of these dunes, located so close to Marbella. The wide range of wild and indigenous flora that one comes across along these strolls is supported by photographic documents and it could spur the wish to take part in the protection of these areas of fragile nature.



October/November 2009 


To all that large number of citizens that have made it possible for us to collect more than 1,600 signatures in protest and rejection of the disappearance of these dunes “Barronal de la Morena” - Marbella

Up to date, the Pro Dunas  Association has submitted and registered the  document with over  1.600 Signatures collected, addressed to the Mayoress of the  Town Hall of Marbella as well as to the Delegate of the Provincial Environment Department and also to the department of Demarcation of the Coast Andalucía-Mediterráneo. We entrusted them the mission to defend  the preservation of  this jewel  of dune and have placed all our trust in our politicians and leaders in power, in the belief that they will acknowledge the value of the petition of the citizens, and will give maximum protection to this bio-diversity .

*   *   *   *   *






In the dunes of “El Barronal de la Morena”, barely 3 km from Bahía de Marbella and located between the beach restaurants “Hipopótamo” and “Las Flores”, heavy duty machinery has ground down all the wild undergrowth over a large area of an intact and unspoiled ecosystem with abundant indigenous flora. This habitat sheltered a large population of wild birds and other animals.


It is one of the last dune areas south of the N-340 road that remains intact with all its original ecosystems. The environmental impact, should the constructions of housing and urban development go ahead,  would entail the irretrievable loss of an area now totally free of any construction, unique in the whole coastal area of Marbella and the footprint of the former dunes landscape of Las Chapas will be lost forever; this strip of dunes area is at its largest breadth right in this area of Barronal de la Morena.


There is a predominance in this area of communities of dense thicket in the interdunes valleys, sand dunes grasslands, and dune marram grass on the dunes crest, and Lentisk Tree / Mastic Tree shrubs on the sands, the most extensive on the whole Costa del Sol.  There are species such as Euphorbia bastica and Pancratium maritimum (Sea Daffodil), which are included in the Red List of Andalusian Threatened Flora, as well as up to 50 species of indigenous flora that have been identified by our Association.


This is the last chance for the dune of the ‘Barronal de la Morena’ to survive the unlimited urban development on the coastal strip of the municipality; it must be saved from destruction and national and international legislators must protect the coastal ecosystems under threat of extinction. Also the Coastal Law and the Urban Planning Law of Andalucia protect a 500 m wide area of influence of the shoreline. 


The citizens demand the preservation of one of the last natural redoubts that have so far survived the atrocious process of urban development that has prevailed on the Andalusian coast for a long time. Let us trust that our leaders will listen to the voice of the people and take a sharp turn to save this dune jewel of Barronal de la Morena.  

We are receiving reports on wide spread presence of  VERTEBRATES – BIRDS – REPTILES AND MAMMALS FAUNA, that have (had) their habitat in these dunes of  “Barronal de la Morena”, including species that have already been catalogued as “in danger of extinction” in the Red Book of Vertebrate Animals Under Threat in Andalucia  (Regional Ministry for the Environment 2001).


September 2009 




15th of AUGUST 2009


35 volunteers and  Members took part in these works, which consisted of:


Cutting: bunches of cane

Clearing vegetation and  young sprouts of : Willow Acacia

Eradication of new plants:  Fountain Grass (Penniseum Setaceum)

Cleaning: removing dog droppings and other rubbish


We thank all those that have helped out!



AUGUST 2009 

Coastal Bathing Waters Sanitary Watch Network

of the Regional Health Ministry

Bahía de Marbella / Los Monteros


We are pleased to inform that there is a Support Mechanism from the Environmental Health Department of the Health District of the Costa del Sol in Marbella, who officially collect and analyze water samples every fortnight from June to September (summer bathing season), as well as just before the Easter Week. The official sample collection Station is located at the height of the pumping station on the beach of the Los Monteros area. This support of analysis is indicated more for health components than for environment matters.


We find this data collection very interesting and necessary, as it guarantees a safe bathing for all beach goers in the area of Bahia de Marbella / Los Monteros, as there was an initial report that indicated that the quality of the bathing waters is VERY GOOD QUALITY for the summer season of 2009.


We therefore kindly ask, to report any unusual incidence you may become aware of, so the matter can be dealt with, without delay.



July 2009 

4th of JULY 2009




Preservation, improvement of the environment and raising public awareness

on the environmental issues


This year the Pro Dunas  Association - belonging to the Volunteers Network for the Environment of the Andalusian Coast, of the Regional Ministry for the Environment - organizes this active Day of Coastal Action at “La Adelfa” beach of Bahia de Marbella (Marbella), counting on the assistance of the Association “Ben-al-Mare”, who will cooperate with the cleaning of the beach. As a special contribution will be their practical demonstration of a cleaning of the sea bottom through diving. Members of the Malaga Surfing Club will also participate in this day, and will be teaching a practical surfing lesson. The Office for the Environment of the Town Hall of Marbella will provide a tent and tables for the event and we may count with the participation of Environmental Technicians from the Town Hall. The “Aula del Mar”, Malaga, will be providing educational material.


With this Day we intend to raise public awareness and inform the general public and the Residents visiting the beach on that day, that we must take care of the coast, by actively setting the example by collecting cigarette buds and other rubbish left behind on the beach. An information stand at the beach will enable us to inform on the environment of the coast.







Location of the Day Event:



Exit: Altos de Marbella - km 186 - N-340

Access to beach: Avda. Alameda del Mar

N  36º30.103' - W 004º49.859'


Event schedule: 10h - 13h


- We look forward to seeing you -

RESULT: 3Kg of rubbish


June 2009 




The department for Demarcation of Coastline in cooperation with the Regional Ministry for the Environment have installed again a line of wooden stakes in the dunes area, in order to prevent the circulation of motor vehicles and quads inside the dunes area of Bahia de Marbella. We have submitted a request to declare this dunes area as:


 Natural Monument – Bahía de Marbella


This initiative is made possible by the support from:

The Regional Ministry of the Environment, Department of Demarcation of the Coastline, and the Town Hall of Marbella.


We would appreciate it if these measures of protection are respected, so the indigenous flora may thrive and increase their habitat year by year. Its natural growth is an invaluable asset for this dunes area and it must be protected and preserved by all of us.


- We thank you beforehand for your cooperation -



May 2009 









The dunes area of Bahia de Marbella as others east of the Municipality of Marbella are starting to be acknowledged as an “asset to be protected” and deservedly so, by the different Authorities. To this end, we have joined the efforts of of the Regional Ministry for the Environment and the Town Hall of Marbella under the active collaboration of our Association.


Jointly we have developed a support work interventions program, necessary as it goes beyond the capacity of our Association due to the volume of vegetation and which the Association had been demanding for a long time. These works will be carried out during the month of April with the task of re planting over 2000 young plants.


In a second phase, once approved by the General Management of Natural Environment, the works for the building of the wooden structures will start to give better protection to the surrounding areas, such as:  floating footbridges, Texan wooden fence, enclosures, etc. The aim is to provide better protection in order to favour the growth of the natural indigenous vegetation in this environment.



We are thankful to the two Bodies for their involvement in these initiatives to support this unique place, worthy of being preserved for ever.







April 2009 






On a regular bases, the members of our Association have to perform the unpleasant task of removing the Graffiti painted on the information Boards that are located in the dunes of Bahia de Marbella.


Much to our regret the information Boards of the Association have to be replaced regularly because of the irreparable damage they suffer when removing the paint. We denounce these acts of vandalism, which are nothing but the useless expression of boredom of some.


We wonder:  is it possible to raise awareness among those that carry out these graffiti on the boards or those that tear out plants?


March 2009 


 vrom the Regional Ministry for the Environment

and “Aula del Mar”


to the Pro Dunas  Association, for taking part year after year in the programs:

Coastwatch “Cuidemos la Costa”, which we extend to all our “friend of the dunes”.


During the “Coastwatch” days, which take place on the same date on all European Coastal Areas, projects for participation and environmental education are developed, with the objective to:

Promote the care and protection of the coastline and the marine environment, through participatory acquisition of information on the environmental conditions along the coastline.


These campaigns would not be possible without the volunteers that participate freely, selflessly and without compensation, dedicating part of their time to the improvement of the environment.


Therefore, the Regional Ministry for the Environment and the Technical Secretariat acknowledge our loyalty and devotion as also our dedication to this project that after seven years in operation with all kinds of associations, helps to analyze the environmental conditions of our coastal area, through the collection and analysis of data.




The following data reflect the participation in the October 2008 campaign:








5 6

inspected kilometres

45 km

12,5 km

51,5 km




February 2009 







Our Association welcomes with great satisfaction the pleasant and warmly applauded as well as long-awaited support and collaboration from the Macro-Community of the Urbanization Bahia de Marbella.


The cleaning team will include as part of its duties the weekly supervision of the 3  “Sanecan’ containers located in the dunes, as well as change the pet droppings collection bags, and the individual small bags that are available to those walking their dogs so they can collect the droppings of their pets.


We are thankful for and value positively the support of the Macro-Community and their willingness to collaborate with our Association in keeping clean the dunes of Bahia de Marbella.


From our side, we continue to appeal to dog owners for their active cooperation, so the dunes do not deteriorate due to dog droppings, as it is detrimental for the growth of wild vegetation. 


-Our wish is that the dunes area can continue to be enjoyed by everyone -



January 2009 


PROMOTION for designation as NATURAL MONUMENTof the DUNES of BAHÍA DE MARBELLA (Marbella, Málaga)

One more step is done!

At the end of December, 2008 the Technical Report has been submitted to the Consejería for the Environment to promote the project for total protection by means of designating the area of the dunes of Bahía de Marbella as NATURAL MONUMENT.

Many hours of data collection have been necessary to comply with the request of the Ministry of the Environment and this action responds to the expectations of more than 800 sympathizers and of more than 150 members against the disappearance of these dunes.

We trust that the dossier will follow the due course and eventually achieve the designation that will guarantee the total protection of these and other dunes areas in the region of Andalucia.

Our Association will continue to act as a link between the general public and the different Administrations of the Regional or Spanish Government, to ensure the protection and preservation of nature and its bio-diversity.




click on the plaque to magnify picture

of the Junta de Andalucia

To the PRO Dunas  ASSOCIATION, for the selfless work of assistance and collaboration, as well as the active contribution in rescuing the beached Cetaceans and Turtles along the Andalusian coast.

This commemorating plaque is a reward for the continuous efforts of our collaborating team and an acknowledgement of our contribution for our actions related to the recovery and the primary care to animals, both dead and alive; also the accurate collection of statistical records and biometrics of the health state of the dolphins and turtles that were beached over these years, facilitating the necessary necroscopies
to identify the possible causes of the beaching.

There is one point we need to highlight, and that is the enormous moral and professional concern of our collaborating team, focusing their attention also on the general public, often present at the times when animals are being assisted, by reassuring, instructing and appealing to the awareness on the environmental issues regarding marine species. By means of this information and social awareness of the public we can inspire a favourable participation and commitment in future beachings.




November 2008 




18th of October 2008

Inspection of the Coast of  Bahía de Marbella – La Adelfa Beach


Every year, the Red Coastwatch Europe (CWE) counts on our collaboration to gather data on the condition of the environment of a stretch of coast in Andalucia. We gather data on different aspect and indicative parameters of the conditions, as well as carrying out nitrates test and a streptococcus culture identification test. 

Our Association takes part in the inspection of the stretch of coast from Los Monteros to Rio Real. The results we collect are the basis for important data that will be introduced in the statistics of the European Data Bank. The fundamental aim is to raise awareness of the general population on marine environmental issues.




October 2008 



The summer holidays have come to an end, bringing back some peace to the area of the dunes, where nature has regrettably suffered the abuse and pressure from people for weeks, to a much greater extent this year than ever before.


Luckily, and we acknowledge the understanding in this case, this year we have not had to regret such incidents as fires, nor have we had to complain about BBQs or unauthorized bonfires in the dunes, or the “Las Adelfas” beach of Bahia de Marbella.


On the other hand we have had sadly to ascertain the lack of cooperation from many dog owners, who, quite consciously, leave the droppings of their pets in the dunes, out of laziness or carelessness even if well aware that the Association has bags at their disposal. Why can they not be sensitive during their holidays and willing to respect the fragile nature of the area?


We are also very saddened by the unusual meanness or slackness of some, who have dropped in the dunes the rubble from the renovation works in their properties, leaving large amounts of cement and stones, instead of disposing of these materials in the correct way, with due respect to others.


A large number of our Members participate in the Day for the Eradication of the Invasive Highway Ice Plant, year after year, with a great sense of responsibility and much willingness to care for and preserve nature. Nevertheless, the lack of cooperation from other people, who seem not to realize the damage they cause to themselves and most of all to this haven that we have the privilege to enjoy, and they cause the irreversible destruction of the native flora with their regrettable actions. Because of this lack of respect, the Association have been forced to enlist the help of third parties to carry out a thorough clean up of the dunes area of Bahía de Marbella with the considerable financial investment that it requires.


Given all of the above, we want to launch an appeal to everybody, inviting them to participate, by means of an educational action, to raise awareness whenever necessary. We all have the legal authority to watch over and demand the respect of a part of nature that is totally dependent on our benevolence and appreciation for its survival.


- Together we can guarantee the protection of these dunes -



September 2008 




 Highway Ice Plant / Red Hottentot (Carpobrotus edulis), in the dunes of Bahia de Marbella, Marbella

21st August, 2008

Once more summer, the Association has called upon its Members and nature lovers to participate in the cleaning up works for the eradication of this invasive plant, to protect the indigenous flora of the dunes.


The participation has been massive and with great enthusiasm, from children, teenagers, and adults alike; all took part in this task with great joy. In a very short time we had filled up over 40 big sacs, clearing up a wide surface on the dunes,

 so the indigenous flora may thrive again.


We thank most heartily everyone for their participation, in all solidarity, in this event.


August 2008 

Resolution 2008 banning the capture of Fringilid birds.

One more year, we have been able to persuade the General Board of Management of Nature of the Council for the Environment of the Junta de Andalucia (Regional Government), to show a particular interest and awareness in preventing the abuses in the capture of wild birds, by passing a resolution banning the capture in the dunes area in the Municipality of Marbella, from Rio Real to the border with Mijas, therefore comprising the areas of:

Alicate, Rosario, Tiempo Libre, Elviria, Natural Monument of Artola (Cabopino).

With this ban the natural flight corridor is guaranteed and more breeding nests may be installed in these zones.
We warmly thank the cooperation of citizens in reporting any abuses in the capture of Fringilid birds in these coastal areas.



JULY 2008 







Every summer, from June to October, huge efforts are made, included our Association, to protect nature from potential disasters caused by fire.



Therefore, it is worth to continue preserving and respecting the entire indigenous flora that there is in our sand dunes area, such as is the case of the Curry plant (Helichrysum stoechas).


This wild flower is protected and must not be used for commercial purposes. Harvesting its flower condemns it to fulminant death.


We ask everyone to help protect this plant, which provides us with an exuberant blooming, if we let it grow and develop its biological cycles to full term. It also contributes to the stabilization of the dunes, giving shelter to a variety of fauna


JUNE 2008 



On 15th May, 2008 we have made a new plea to the Authorities of the Department of the Environment of the Andalusian Government, not to issue any licences for the trapping of wild Birds, in the sand dunes areas of the Municipality of Marbella, widening the inspected area from: Alicate – Costabello – Real de Zaragoza – Tiempo Libre to Elviria.


With a new Rule Resolution, we aim to re-establishing the now very fragile balance there is in fauna of the sand dunes


MAY 2008 

Lost of the dunes


The loss of beach area and sand dunes mass continuous undeterred, unless something is done about it.
We have been forced once more to find a new location for one of the wooden benches, which had tumbled into the sea, as the dune could not withstand any longer the continuous hits of the water.

New placement of the bench

We are very pleased that the Town Hall of Marbella took heed of the reports we repeatedly filed on this matter, and have realized that solutions must be found urgently, that adequately and definitely address the problem of the huge loss of beach area. Therefore a concrete study of this erosion is being carried out. We trust that the Ministry of the Environment have a favourable reaction to this study, and thus undertake concrete actions to rehabilitate these beaches.

We must not permit the loss of over 2m of sand dunes mass each and every year. At this pace, and without a definite solution of underwater breakwaters, the sand dunes of Bahia de Marbella are in danger of being swallowed by the sea, which we strongly believe must be prevented at all cost.


APRIL 2008


Institute for the Education of Port Communities - Málaga

15th of April 2008


Our Association was invited to participate in this seminar as a guest of the “Aula del Mar” (Classroom of the Sea) as speakers. We had thus the opportunity to reach a young audience and University students and present to them an account of the work of our Association and our dealings with the different Administrations involved. Our account was backed by graphic reports, photographs taken by members of our Association, as graphical evidence of our actions constantly carried out over the last few years, to the benefit of the preservation of the dunes areas of the Municipality of Marbella, as well as the protection of their fauna and flora.


Our Account was addressed directly to those attending the seminar, requesting their active participation in the protection of nature as leaders of the younger generations.


The audience attending this seminar acknowledged the selfless yet very necessary labour of our Association, in its eagerness to protect nature in our environment.


MARCH 2008

Las Dunas  - Bahía de Marbella

4th action of reforestation

Upon request from our Association, the Regional Ministry for the Environment of the Junta de Andalucia has just delivered to us, once more, over 200 seedlings. These are to be planted in the dunes area of the 2 estates: Reserva de los Monteros and Bahía de Marbella, in front of the Owners Community Las Dunas .



This is the fourth action we have taken towards reforestation of the area.

La Reserva de los Monteros


We kindly ask all the Members of our Association and supporters of our cause, to help us raise the awareness among visitors and passers-by, of the relevance of preserving the plants, both the wild flowers, as well as the planted seedlings. Regretfully there are still some people who seem to enjoy tearing out and destroying this vegetation. We have put a lot of time and effort in preserving the existing vegetation and planting new seedlings for the reforestation of these areas, over the last two years, and we need to protect from the actions of thoughtless people.


We thank you for your cooperation



The sea is moving in steadily - Loss of dunes areas!


The appropriate Administrations must find an urgent solution to the beach narrowing and beach loss as well as loss of dunes area that is going on year after year, along the costal line, particularly in the area of Los Monteros and Bahia de Marbella.

We have submitted a formal complaint with a report to the Regional Office for the Environment - Demarcation of the Coastline, as well as to the department of the Environment of the Town Hall of Marbella, in the hope that our repeated complaints on this relevant and regrettable phenomenon will finally be heeded.

The photographs speak for themselves!






The Association acknowledges the help received from the Local Department for the Environment of the Town Hall of Marbella.


Through this cooperation and the delivery of the signs of “Protected Area” we shall continue to preserve the dunes areas in the Municipality of Marbella, and encouraging due respect to the wild life habitats, both of the indigenous flora as well as the indigenous fauna.


The signposts have been installed in the dunes area, both in Bahia de Marbella and in the Reserva de Los Monteros. We are confident that we will soon be able to install them also in the green are of Los Monteros, once the reconditioning project of the Dunes carried out by the Ministry of the Environment and the Authorities of Demarcation of the Coastline is completed.