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News 2007/06

October 2007

13th October, 2007
Coastal Inspection - Bahía de Marbella - La Adelfa Beach


Again this year, CoastWatch Europe (CWE) has required our support for collecting data on the environmental condition of Europe's coastline. It is supported by several participating countries.

Our Asociacion will inspect the sections of the coast between Los Monteros and Rio Real and determine several parameters which indicate their environmental status. The water coming from a brook at this area is tested for Nitrates and Streptococcus and the results are used to produce statistics for inclusion in the European databank. The main purpose of this activity is to increase general awareness of marine environmental issues.



13th of OCTOBER 2007

Saturday at 11 a.m.


We need volunteers for this day!


You are warmly invited to participate in the following tasks on the dunes,

area between the Urbanizations “Las Dunas ” and "Pueblo Mediterráneo", Bahía de Marbella, Marbella

with an active support and solidarity:


-   Eradication of Carpobrotus edulis (the creeping Highway Ice Plant).

-   Eradication of white plumes/Pampas Grass - Cortadeira selloana (creeping plant)

-   Look after the plant sprouts provided by the Environment Ministry

-   Collection of dog excrements

-   Collection of all types of litter found on the dunes


As usual, we will offer all participants some refreshments.

Children and teenagers will receive a little gift for volunteering


September 2007


 Loss of the beach of Bahía Marbella and sand dune mass

 Given the alarming state of the beach of Bahia de Marbella, the Association has addressed a letter both to Demarcation of Coastline of Mediterranean Andalucia, and to the Delegation of The Environment of the Town Hall of Marbella, demanding an urgent solution for the afore mentioned beach, by installing underwater jetties. They are necessary in order to be able to recover the lost beach for the Residents of Bahia de Marbella as well as passers-by from the Municipality of Marbella, and put a stop to the continuous annual loss of 2 meters of sand dune mass, which takes place even without the influence of storms during the winter.



URBANIZATION "RESERVA DE LOS MONTEROS" (Marbella) - National Road N-340 - km 185






July 2007


Inform of the Association Pro Dunas  - Playa La Adelfa - Bahía de Marbella





We are very proud to inform that our petitions to the Miniestries or Delegations are carried out very accurately, as it is documented by attachment and the positioning of these Buoy's (Saturday, 30.6.2007).


Our security will be guaranteed with these measures


JUNE 2007

Happy Notice - Our efforts are going to give results. We will keep on with the protection of the dunes in all the Municipality of Marbella.



The ASSOCIATION PRO Dunas  - Bahía de Marbella - Playa La Adelfa


From 1st of June to 15th October, 2007

At the dunes and the Beach La Adelfa of Bahía de Marbella

It is forbidden by Ministerial Law

- To organize Parties with Catering
- To make barbeques
- To start any sort of fires (only allowed at Playa Alicate with Police permission)
- To light any fireworks
- To throw away lighted cigarette stubs

We therefore ask for your kind cooperation.
Any incident may be reported immediately to the Association: 609 600 706

We thank every resident for his collaboration

Best regards,
Fernando Piquer Villarroel


MAY 2007


We express our thank to the Environment Ministry as also the Demarcación de Costas Andalucía-Mediterránea and appreciate very much their kind present and placing of 3 benches in the area of the dunes of Bahía de Marbella.


We would be pleased to enjoy many years these benches and that the visitors will value positively this investment. The "sunsets" will guarantee even more highlights and the vews over Africa will be most espectacular!



January 2007

Bahía de Marbella  -  Playa La Adelfa 

Much of the beach has been lost due to storms and strong currents


2004                                                                                  2007


The Association Pro Dunas  is organising meetings with the responsible Authorities,  Coastal and Environmental Departments. On 12th February we will have a meeting with the Coast Delegate to examine suitable solutions to reinstate the lost beach.

We are going to suggest:


- Placing permanent underwater defenses from Los Monteros to Rio Real to avoid easterly currents
- Replenishment of sand from the sea


We expect to be successful and have a programme in place to repair the beach before the summer. Residents of Bahia de Marbella will also be happy to be able to use the beach hammocks supplied by the Macrocomunity




The year turned out to be hectic; the Association reaffirmed its place within  Volunteer groups and is a full participant in the Aula del Mar (the sea classroom). The main activities are summarised below:

C.R.E.M.A - Identification of Turtle and Cetaceans:
We have attended 34 incidents: 28 dolphins beached, 6 dead turtles and 2 turtles taken to CREMA for treatment, one is still there and the second is on "teaching" activities. In total we have covered 1,316 km following these notifications.

Live dolphin : The Association fed the baby dolphin for 2 months. It was released in the sea in September.

Firefighting National Plan, Summer months:
The Association actively collaborated for the second year with the vigilance programme. There were only little incidents in the three months.

Coastal Action Day - 8th July:
The Association organised a beach clean-up day with the participation of Aula del Mar Benalmádena and the Environment Delegation of Marbella. Visitors were given drinks and snacks as also recyclable plastic cones for any cigarrette butts.

Elimination of the invasive plant (carpobrotus edulis) in the dunes - 14th October
Congratulations to our members, 25 of whom participated in this event with enthusiasm, filling 50 bags. They were thanked with  tapas and good Spanish wine.

European day "care of the Coast" - 25th November
As in the previous year, members took samples of seawater for analysis of Nitrates and Streptococcus. It proved our beach to be in perfect health. The data will be used for European statistics.

Environment: 3 programmes for re-forestation of the dunes
It was a hard summer for some members who had to water the young plants until the rains. The second and third batch of plants were planted in the autumn giving them more time to root with less need for watering.

Environment Department: Coast Demarcation
The Department has valued our contribution to the upkeep of the Dunes by  donating and installing wooden marking posts around the 3 roundabouts as well as 4 signposts with information as to what is allowed or forbidden in the Dunes. This has been very effective and a great help to our work. 

Environment Department: Wild bird catch (Family “Fringílidos”)
Following persistent petitions from the Association, the Department has confirmed that no licences will be issued in Marbella and its municipality, from Cabopino to Marbella, allowing the capture of wild birds.

Need for Collaboration
The Association needs your active -or even passive, collaboration to continue its important task of preserving the environment for all our sakes. We can all achieve this by dedicating a little of our time to help. 


December 2006

The Junta de Andalucia (Environment Department) have introduced a new legally binding Resolution which includes a ban on the capture of wild birds in all territories of dunes around the region Marbella. We welcome this initiative in support of our activities to protect the song birds





25th  November 2006


CoastWatch Europe (CWE) is a network which collects data on the environmental condition of Europe's coastline. It is supported by the participating countries.


In Andalucia the data is collected by schools, Associations and volunteers who inspect sections of the coast and determine several parameters which indicate their environmental status.


Our Asociacion Pro-Dunas  will inspect the coast between Los Monteros and Rio Real. The sea-water is tested for Nitrates and Streptococcus and the results are used to produce statistics for inclusion in the European databank. The main purpose of this activity is to increase general awareness of marine environmental issues.


30th September  2006





NO COMMENT - Dolphin hanged down in Fisher Port of Marbella


 29.9.2006 - Happy end? - The young Dolphin has been freed by the Andalusian Government


During August three  seals (Cystophora cristata)  and a young dolphin (Delphinus delphis) were beached. They have been taken to the Recovery Centre CREMA in Malaga to be treated and cared for.


Several biology students as also members of our Association, are caring for and feeding them.  After a month of tube feeding, the dolphin is now able to eat fish (being fed every two hours) .


This is the first time that very young captive animals have survived at CREMA. We are pleased to be able to follow their recovery.


Our turtle "Adelfa" is also recovering well. The danger of infection has now past and the hole in its large shell is healing well. Once sealed, it will be able to be returned to the sea.


8th July 2006

Our sincere Gratitude to all the active collaborators . . . without them this event would not have been possible to undertake


Our youngest Member of the Association


No comment

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8th July 2006

Day of Action and Awareness on
La Adelfa Beach - Bahia de Marbella

Every year the Network of “Environmental Volunteers of the Andalusian Coast” of the Environment Department, organises an Action Day to carry out several tasks  of Conservation, Improvements and Awareness of the Environment along the coast.

This year the Pro Dunas  Association and Environmental Volunteers of Benalmádena as also the Environment Town Council, Marbella will participate in a programme of information and environmental awareness focused on the Adelfa beach in Marbella. There will be an Information stand for the people on the beach that day and a clean-up of the beach will be organised. The purpose is to alert users to respect the beach.

Everyone will be encouraged to dispose of their cigarette ends and chewing gum in the recycling cones provided, and we will be offering an incentive of refreshments on the day.

Association Pro Dunas  - Bahia de Marbella - La Adelfa beach.

Timetable: 10am - 1pm


June 2006

General Meeting of Volunteers at the "Aula del Mar"  (The Sea Classroom), Málaga

On Saturday 10th of June 2006  there was a meeting of several Associations, to set the Programme of Volunteers' Activities related to the Coastal Network. Each one gave an account of their activities of the previous year and presented their Action Plan and local Projects for the forthcoming year.

Our Association will participate again in the following:
-Network "Coastwatch Europe"
-Day of "Coast Action": 8th July
-Education Seminar: 6th to 8th October at Barbate

Inscriptions are well received! 


June 2006



We are pleased to introduce "our" 2 live turtles that we have sent to the Centre for the recovery of endangered marine species (CREMA) in Malaga.

"Adelfa" is responding well to the weekly treatment for a serious wound.

"Banus", a young female of the "Boba" family was recovered at the entrance to the port at Puerto Banus.  It is under observation for a possible intestinal problem that does not allow it to submerge.

 Both turtles are being cared for by the Vets and biologists of CREMA and can be visited by arrangement through our Association.





We require your cooperation in solidarity with all members of the Community, as the substantial plant growth in the Dunes during the Spring has increased the risk of fire accidents.

The Emergency and Security Services require us to follow these rules to avoid any fire emergency arising from negligence:

Therefore both on the Dunes and the Playa La Adelfa (the beach)


- To throw away lighted cigarette stubs
- To start any sort of fire  -  (Only allowed at Playa Alicate with Police permission)
- To have barbeques
- To light any fireworks    -  (Only with permission from the Police and under the supervision of the Fire Brigade)

Any incident must be reported immediately to:

The local Police:                      952 82 74 79
Emergency-Phone:                 112
The Association ProDunas :   609 600 706

We thank you for your cooperation


April 2006

"They are looking after us"...... the Dunes are saying!

The first step towards the complete protection of the Dunes is being taken.

The Environment Department and the Andalusia-Mediterranean Coast Demarcation Department are erecting  "No vehicle access" and "No parking" signposts as well as wooden poles marking the areas where vehicles are not permitted, whilst allowing free pedestrian access from the roundabouts to the beach. With these measures it will be made clear to everyone that the Dunes are to be preserved for the enjoyment of all who walk through them and enjoy their natural beauty. 

The flora will also benefit from these measures. They are very fragile and affected by drought as well as man's actions. We must endeavour to preserve the delicate balance of the native flora which have survived the severe drought we have seen this winter.


We are grateful to the Ministries involved and particularly to the people who have made it possible to preserve the Dunes for the future.



MARCH 2006

Gynandriris Sisyrinchium



These flowers surrounds you meanwhile you walk in the dunes of Bahía de Marbella


   Calicotome Villosa







 No comment . . .

15th February 2006 Report on the Activities of the Centre for the Recovery of Threatened Marine Species (C.R.E.M.A.) for 2005

 We invite you to visit the web page FLORA and FAUNA "Varamientos 2005" and read the C.R.E.M.A. Report. This Research Centre is under the "Aula del Mar" of the Environment Department.

Our Association is one of several organisations collaborating with The Research Centre and contributing to the protection of Marine Species in danger in our area



The dolphins have arrived at Bahia de Marbella beach.

This morning at 8:30 a large school of dolphins enjoyed a banquet of sardines just by "our" beach. We were overjoyed to be able to photograph them after so many instances of beached dolphins which subsequently died (14 cases since July 2005).
The Association, in collaboration with CREMA*,  had tried to save them but without success.
* CREMA (Centre for the recuperation of marine species under threat)

The rains have arrived. Thanks to this winter weather and with the collaboration of the Environment and Coastal Departments we can proceed with the planting programme for the Dunes in a 1 km by 60 metres area. We will also be placing markers at the entrances to the Dunes to avoid vehicles entering the area from the beach and to allow only pedestrian access. Unfortunately the areas already planted have suffered damage from cars, quads and even horses.